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This Week in 2nd Grade


1/13 CIA meeting at 6pm hosted by 1st grade

1/15 Signed book forms are due

1/16 All School Mass

1/20 No School

1/27-1/31 Catholic Schools Week

1/31 Grandparents’ Day, 11:30 dismissal


Reading: This week we are reading “Out and About at City Hall.” We will be learning about who works at City Hall and why it is an important part of a community. Vocabulary words are council, mayor, taxes, elect, cashier, and routes. Test is on Friday.

Language Arts: We will be working on our book this week. We have chosen the topic of how we stay active, including our favorite sports and activities. We will be learning about subject and verb agreement. Test over this will be on Friday.

Spelling: Test on Friday

cue, hue, few, music, pure, value, mew, cute, human, rescue, fury, confuse, view, skew, argue

Math: Test over subtracting 2 facts is on Wednesday. Written test is on Thursday. This week we are learning to add two-digit numbers with regrouping, similar and congruent shapes, and subtracting 3 facts.

Religion: We are learning about Jesus’ Baptism and how he spread the Good News of the Kingdom of God with help from the Apostles. We are also reading the parables of the mustard seed and buried treasure.

Social Studies: We are learning about goods and services, producers and consumers, and how factories make goods.

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