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Look What’s Happening In Kindergarten

Please remember that even though the temperatures are not as cold as they were last week, it is still winter and the students will be going outside if it is above 32 degrees.  Please send your child with a winter coat, not just a fleece, as well as a hat and gloves if needed.  We want everyone to stay healthy!  Thanks so much!

Please keep practicing those sight words.  The next assessment will be Friday January 24.  Don’t wait until the night before and try to learn all the words.  Consistant practice is the key.

If anyone is interested in purchasing a class book, please have all orders to school by Wednesday January 15.  Thanks!

Here’s what’s happening in the classroom this week.

MATH – This week we will be acting out “some, some more” and “some, some went away” problems, identifying and counting nickels, identifying a cylinder, ordering objects by height and paying for items up to 25 cents using  nickels.

SCIENCE – This week we will experiment with shadows, discover how shadows move and change, and describe our observations.

RELIGION – This week we will understand that Jesus is our Shepherd

HANDWRITING – We will practice writing the letters U and X, both upper case and lower case.

READING – This week we will match initial phonemes in groups of words, attach the /j/ sound to the letter Jj, attach the short /u/ sound to the letter Uu, attach the /ks/ sound to the letter Xx and the /z/ sound to the letter Zz.  We will practice sound-by-sound blending and  read 2 decodables.  We will review title, author and illustrator, develop an understanding for new vocabulary words, and continue practicing writing sentences.

WRITING – We will continue working on our class book.


1/13     CIA meeting @ 6pm

1/15     class book order due

1/16     All School Mass

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