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January Update: Art, Music & Computer by Mrs. Gulleman

8th Grade


Perspective City Project

Imagine Gallatin, TN as a city that you design.  Add buildings, decor etc. as you see it!

Students will: appreciate that lines can be used to transform flat shapes into three-dimensional images, understand the role of shadows in the transforming flat shapes into shapes with depth, use focal points to create accurate perspective, us the “eye” to check for discrepancies in proportion and perspective, join lines to create the illusion of perspective

Students will follow directions as outlined in their Perspective City handout.  This project will take several weeks to complete.

Students will be assessed on their efforts, response reflection and the overall project completion. 


Peter and The Wolf – Cincinnati Orchestra Sound Discovery (Classic for Kids)

Students will identify the sounds of a variety of orchestral instruments; demonstrate how music communicates meaning of text, feelings, moods or images and influences personal preference; use supporting details to identify and describe main ideas characters and setting; identify music terminology:  timbre (tone color) instruments by family, aurally and visually; observe dramatic productions; experience music created for a variety of purpose.

Students will be introduced to the characters in the story; students will use the listening map for Peter and The Wolf and listen to the recording via Classic for Kids website.

Middle School Students are to complete music handout responding to “Troika” from Lt. Kije Suite, Classics for Kids.

Middle School Grades 5-8

“Composers by Period Research”

Students will research different genres of music, developing research tech skills, presenting information in a PowerPoint Presentation

Students will use the Classic for Kids website to research different styles of music, they will take notes and type notes into a PowerPoint presentation to be presented to the class.

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