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January 2014: Art, Music & Computer Update from Mrs. Gulleman

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Kindergarten ART 

Marvelous Mitten Project

Students will use line, color, pattern and symmetry as they create their own pair of marvelous mittens.

Students will trace the pattern of two mittens on paper.  They will cut out the shapes.  They will create various lines to create a pattern.  They will use oil pastels to color their design.

Music Kindergarten singing and dancing to our January Medley

Students will 033 Engage in music activities having different moods, tempos, and rhythms by listening singing or performing; 036 Express feelings of what is felt and heard through dance or creative movement

Its Time to Get Up opening song; January Medley – Ringing in the New Year, Seasonal Wandering, I’m a Little Snowman; Stand Up for Martin Luther King

Kindergarten Computer Class

Students will continue practicing mouse and keyboarding skills while playing a series of games during class.

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