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January 2014: Art, Music & Computer Update from Mrs. Gulleman

Art 3rd Grade

Ornate Architecture Designs

Objective:  Students will create their own version of St. Basil Cathedral in Russia.  They will study art as architecture using patterns and shapes such as an onion dome or cupola, arches, towers and spires.

Procedure:  Students will watch & discuss video clip of an artist drawing the cathedral in quick time.  They will begin to sketch their own ideas and brainstorm where to add architectural elements.  Students will use oil pastels to complete project.

Music Class

Peter and The Wolf – Cincinnati Orchestra Sound Discovery (Classic for Kids)

Objective:  Students will identify the sounds of a variety of orchestral instruments; demonstrate how music communicates meaning of text, feelings, moods or images and influences personal preference; use supporting details to identify and describe main ideas characters and setting; identify music terminology:  timbre (tone color) instruments by family, aurally and visually; observe dramatic productions; experience music created for a variety of purpose.

Procedure:  Students will be introduced to the characters in the story; students will use the listening map for Peter and The Wolf and listen to the recording via Classic for Kids website.

Computer Class

First week of January 3rd grade students will begin working in Microsoft Excel.  They will add a formula trying to solve a mystery.  Ask them about what they found out!

Students listen to the Classics for Kids introduction to Peter and the Wolf by Sergei Prokofiev.  They will complete an online quick assessment on the computer.  Listen to Troika and complete the quick assessment on the computer.  Students will explore the orchestra on an interactive page with in the Classics for Kids website.

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