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Look What’s Happening In Kindergarten!

Welcome back!! I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Christmas and it continues through this new year.  Please remember with these cold temperatures that even though the students will not be going outside for recess, we will still be walking outside between building for lunch and PE.  Please dress your child with heavy coats, hats and gloves.

Here’s what’s going on in the classroom this week.

MATH – This week we will be copying line segments, shapes and designs on a geoboard, ordering objects by length, measuring length with nonstandard units, making ABC patterns using pattern blocks, acting out “some, some more” and “some, some went away” stories, and identifying and counting nickels.

RELIGION – This week we will focus on the arrival of the Three Kings.

SCIENCE – This week we will investigate the cold and ice.  We will experiment, make observations, predictions, and record our observations.

READING – This week we will introduce 5 new sight words, attach the /j/ sound to the letter Jj,  the short /o/ sound to the letter Oo, the /r/ sound to the letter Rr.  We will also begin a new unit entitled “Shadows”.  Our selection will be “My Shadow”.  We will focus on writing complete sentences and leaving the proper spaces between words in a sentence.

WRITING – It’s very exciting.  We are writing and publishing our very own class book!!!  I will be sending information home in folders concerning this.  The students will be the authors and the illustrators of this book.  It will be published by Student Treasures into a hardcover book.


1/8     report cards sent home

1/9     re-registration begins

1/9     All School Mass

1/13     CIA meeting at 6pm

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