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1st Grade Art Class In the Face of Symmetry

Students explored geometric shapes and differentiate the attributes of symmetry in a variety of different shapes.  Students used paint to create a symmetrical image and print to both sides of a folded page.  Students used marker to create a large face adding eyes, nose, ears and a mouth.  Lots of fun!

sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_dec_2013 136 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_dec_2013 135 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_dec_2013 134 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_dec_2013 133 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_dec_2013 132 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_dec_2013 131 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_dec_2013 130 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_dec_2013 129 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_dec_2013 128 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_dec_2013 127 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_dec_2013 126 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_dec_2013 125 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_dec_2013 124 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_dec_2013 123

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