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This Week in Middle School Math

5: Fifth graders are finishing up our unit on multiplying and dividing fractions. We will have a quiz on Wednesday. We will begin reviewing for our fraction unit test which will take place next week. This will be a big test! This test will be good practice in taking a large test before midterm exams.

6: Sixth graders are taking their fraction unit test on Wednesday. This is a big test! We will move into proportional reasoning on Thursday.

7: Seventh graders are working on our second chapter of geometry. We are discussing area, perimeter, volume, and surface area. There are a lot of formulas for this chapter so students will be making a formula card to help them.

8: In algebra we are working on solving systems of equations. They will have a test next week.

*****Don’t forget extra credit rough drafts are due on Friday! This is the only extra credit that will be offered this quarter. Late work will not be accepted!*********

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