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What’s happening in First Grade?


11/20     Wildcat Wednesday

11/21     No All School Mass

11/25     field trip

11/26     Thanksgiving Feast 

11/27 – 11/29      Thanksgiving break

12/1     First Sunday in Advent

12/4     Christmas party money due  ($1, cash only please)

Please continue reading with your child. When your child reads to you he/she is developing his/her vocabulary and building fluency. These extra practice times along with reading in the classroom will help your child become a strong and confident reader.

 Reading- Introduce /ar/ spelled ar, /m/ spelled _mb, /w/ spelled w_, /hw/ spelled wh_, /er/ spelled er, ir, ur and Fluency-reading decodable books In a Jar, A Lamb on a Limb, Wes Gets Wet, The Wiz, and A Blur with Fur.

 Reading comprehension – read stories with the /ar/ spelled ar, /m/ spelled _mb, /w/ spelled w_, /hw/ spelled wh_, /er/ spelled er. ir, ur.

 Math-Lesson 50-1 Quiz

            Lesson 50-1 Test-Taking Strategies

            Lesson 50 Ordering containers by capacity and Identifying a cup liquid measure

            Lesson 51 Identifying even numbers to 20

            Lesson 51 Identifying and locating numbers on a hundred number chart    

Religion- Chapter 9: recall the events and implications of the Annunciation/ Visitation and describes various forms of private prayer: the Rosary, devotions to Mary.  Play Bible baseball, review and Quiz 9

Social Studies- discuss the world, continents and compare a globe to a flat world map, and recognize land and water masses on a map or globe.

Science– Continue talking about animals and animal habitats

Spelling-Open Court Unit 3, Lesson 6-10 Spelling pattern /ar/ spelled ar

 Spelling words                        Challenge words

1. car                                       1. March        

2. card                                   2. garden                    

3. star

4. barn

5. yarn

6. far

7. farm

8. arm

9. dark

10. park

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