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Language Arts update – November 18 – 22

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Grammar –Seventh and Eighth grade will begin a unit on Verbs.  They will discuss action verbs – including direct and indirect objects, and transitive and intransitive verbs.  They will also discuss linking verbs and the predicate words associated with them (predicate adjectives and predicate nouns).  Sixth grade will take a test on Monday, November 25th over the Noun unit.    


Independent Reading –    Students will turn in Goal 3 of their third book on Friday, November 22nd.  Other deadlines are as follows:  Reading Goal 4 due on Friday, December 6th, End of Book Form – Option 1 or 2 – Intro. Book Form for Book 4 due on Friday, December 13th.


Group Reading – novel – Students are taking comprehensive tests over their first group reading.    Students will start on their second group reading – 6th grade will read, Flipped, 7th grade will read, Lord of the Flies, and 8th grade will begin a unit on the Holocaust by reading, Night.  Students will be assigned various projects throughout the reading and I will announce them as soon as they are assigned.


Group Reading – Scholastic – Students are reading a new Scholastic magazine.  This magazine will cover commas (words in a series, non-essential words and phrases, introductory elements, before coordinating conjunctions), easily confused words affect and effect, pronouns and antecedents, indefinite pronouns (distinguishing them as singular or plural), using quotation marks correctly, paraphrasing, and deleting extraneous information.  Students will also read several articles and complete reading comprehension quizzes over each.    


Writing – Students have completed the first round of revisions on their imaginary narratives – they will work on their second round this week.  They will focus on conflict, organization and plot.  Students will then do a self-review of their paper before turning in a final draft for grading. 


Journals – Students will continue to write daily using prompts they are given in class.  I will share these (with student permission) every so often.


Vocabulary – Students are completing Unit 5 will complete exercises where students will write definitions, complete sentences, identify synonyms and antonyms, select the correct word from various options, and use the vocabulary in context. 


Idiom of the Week – One student per week is drawn to create a “literal idiom”.  This week’s student is  Haley Brawner.  Idiom dictionaries are available in my room if students need ideas.


Fact or Opinion – Students will be distinguishing between factual statements and opinion statements each day in class.  Students will keep a weekly list that will be entered into a drawing at the end of the week (assuming all answers are correct).


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Mrs. Roberts




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