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Week 18 in Pre-K

This is our last full week until Thanksgiving! We have been talking about Pilgrims and Native Americans, what we are thankful for, and position words over the last few weeks. This week we will have guest readers. These readers will be reading about Thanksgiving. I am so excited about all the things I have planned for us this week. This week we will not be attending mass. Just a reminder- Thanksgiving feast is Nov. 26th. If you have not sent in the form, please do. We will be out of school for the Thanksgiving holiday from Nov. 27-29. We will return to school on Dec. 2.

Language Arts- Some of the groups is working on sight words, retelling the story, characteristics, and rhyming words. The other groups will be talking about the letter E and the sounds that letters make.

Science- We will continue talking about weather.

Math- We will start talking about how to form numbers with an awesome song.

Writing- Some of the groups will be practicing letter curves and lines. They will also be learning about drawing people with all the correct parts. The other group will be doing puzzles, dot to dot, and playing the animal cracker game.

Religion- Pre-K 4- We will be talking about giving thanks to God, Saints, and will be practicing Glory Be and Angel of God. Pre-K 3- We will be learning about God speaking to Samuel, Saints, and practicing Glory Be and Angel of God.

Creative Arts- We will be making Native American vests and Pilgrim hats.

Social Studies- We will be talking about Pilgrims.

Thank you so much for all the extra supplies and toys you have sent in. We all enjoy them!

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