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Look What’s Happening In Kindergarten

Our field trip is quickly approaching!  Please check the Wednesday folder for important information regarding the day of the trip, November 25.

Please remember to practice sight words every night.  This is a very important skill when learning to read.  Reading along with your child is also a great way to practice sight words.

Remember that there is no all school Mass this week.

Here’s what’s happening in the classroom this week.

MATH – This week the students will be copying line segments and shapes on a geoboard, estimating collections, counting by 10’s, counting dimes to 50 cents, and creating and extending ABB sound and movement patterns.

READING / LANGUAGE ARTS – This week the students will be blending initial phonemes to make words, attaching the /b/ sound to the letter B and the /k/ sound to the letter C, practicing rhyming words, review sight words, decode new sight words, work in sight word workshops, locate the Table of Contents, discuss the concept of sticking to a task, develop a new understanding for vocabulary words, use the comprehension strategies predicting, and clarifying, and identify nouns.

SOCIAL STUDIES – This week the students will be learning about who the pilgrims were and why they came to America.  They will also compare pilgrim life to their life.

RELIGION – This week the students will verbalize what they are thankful for and make thank you cards for God.

HANDWRITING – This week the students will practice the letters O, Z, V, W, U, and K.  We are really working hard on making our letters the letters proper size.


11/20     Wildcat Wednesday

11/21     No All School Mass

11/25     field trip

11/26     Thanksgiving Feast 

11/27 – 11/29      Thanksgiving break

12/1     First Sunday in Advent

12/4     Christmas party money due  ($1, cash only please)

12/9     CIA meeting @ 6pm     Kindergarten will be presenting!!!

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