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Week of Nov. 11-15 Kindergarten Art, Music & Technology

Kindergarten Art  Mr. Turkey

Students will practice using scissors and glue.  Students will cut and color Mr. Turkey; students will paste Mr. Turkey on paper and will draw a picture of what they are thankful.  Students will use markers to complete Mr. Turkey.

 Kindergarten Music Singing Practice

tart class with its Time to Get Up; Students will learn the following songs and gestures along to Dr. Jean’s –Turkey Day Medley: Albuquerque Turkey, Over the River, Gobble Gobble, We Give Thanks.  –Begin Christmas Song Practice

Kindergarten Technology  Mouse & Keyboarding skills

Students will practice mouse and keyboarding skills.  Students will complete a series of games on ABC Ya (keyboarding zoo, make a cake, magnet fun with spelling name) Matching capital/lowercase letters with kindergarten.

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