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Week of Nov. 11-15 7th Grade Art, Music & Technology

Art 7th Grade Emotional Line and Design

Objective:  Students will respond to emotions through line, shape, texture and color.  Express feelings and emotions through artwork.  They will construct lines and textures using different amounts of pressure and will choose colors to represent a range of atmospheres and emotions.

Procedure:  Students will choose three differently colored paper squares.  They will sort and cut into 16ths.  They will create a pattern and will express an emotion using a symbol. 

Assessment:  Students will complete response questions reflecting on their art piece.

Music Unit 3 2/4 & 3/4 Time Signature; Dotted Half Note; Ties & Slurs

Students will be introduced to the following music theory terms:  2/4 & 3/4 Time Signature; Dotted Half Note; Ties & Slurs.  Students will complete lessons 10-13 during class; students will work as a group and independently; review as a class

Assessment:  Students will complete ear training exercise; Students will complete review worksheet over lessons 10-13

Practice Christmas Songs.

Middle School Power Point Publishing Computer Terminology Slide Show

Students will practice Power Point Publishing skills (entering data, adding graphics, adding text, transitions, computer terminology etc.); keyboarding.  Students will complete a Power Point Slide Show of computer terms defined in class. Upon completion of the slide show; students will login in to typing web to practice typing skill.

Assessment:  Students complete computer term quiz during class.

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