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Week of Nov. 11-15 6th Grade Art, Music & Technology

Art 6th Grade Surreal Pigs

Objective:  Students learn to use recycled materials, recognize surrealism, idiom “When pigs fly” difference between real and surreal. Students illustrate an idiom of their choice. Students create a literal and figurative depiction of their idiom.

Assessment:  Students will complete response questions reflecting on their art piece.

Music Unit 3 2/4 & 3/4 Time Signature; Dotted Half Note; Ties & Slurs

Students will be introduced to the following music theory terms:  2/4 & 3/4 Time Signature; Dotted Half Note; Ties & Slurs.  Students will complete lessons 10-13 during class; students will work as a group and independently; review as a class

Assessment:  Students will complete ear training exercise; Students will complete review worksheet over lessons 10-13

Practice Christmas Songs.

Technology Middle School  Power Point Publishing Computer Terminology Slide Show

Students will practice Power Point Publishing skills (entering data, adding graphics, adding text, transitions, computer terminology etc.); keyboarding.  Students will complete a Power Point Slide Show of computer terms defined in class. Upon completion of the slide show; students will login in to typing web to practice typing skill.

Assessment:  Students complete computer term quiz during class.

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