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Week of Nov. 11-15 3rd Grade Art, Music & Technology

Art 3rd Grade Miniature Mayflower in a Bottle

Students will explore the following art concepts:  shape, texture, and overlapping.  Students will examine a ship recognizing its architecture, and how architecture is a form of art.  The ship will depict the Mayflower which the Pilgrims sailed to America on in 1620.  Students will be encouraged to pretend that they were pilgrims on the Mayflower.  What kind of things might they experience?  We will use the miniature ships that the students create to review the Mayflower’s historical voyage to a new land.  Last week we watched a Scholastic interactive video clip of the Mayflower Voyage.

 3rd Music Singing Practice

Students will learn to sing a melody as a group; students will learn the Turkey Day Medley:  Albuquerque Turkey, Over the River, Gobble Gobble, We Give Thanks. – Begin Christmas song Practice

 3rd Grade Pizza Glyph

Students will continue to practice keyboarding and mouse skills; students will become familiar with Microsoft Power Point using the following:  opening & closing documents, page setup, change slide orientation, adding shapes etc.

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