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Look What’s Happening In Kindergarten

I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful Fall.  I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  This Monday, November 11, we will be honoring our veterans.  I hope you all can help us honor these brave men and women.  The assembly will be at 2pm.

Here’s what happening in the classroom this week.

MATH – This week we will be matching number cards to sets of objects, copying line segments and designs on geoboards, estimating collections, identifying and counting by dimes.

READING/LANGUAGE ARTS – This week we will be reviewing previous sight words, decoding new sight words,  practicing coral reading, reviewing previous letter sounds, reading and responding to a decodable, working with questioning sentences, and collaborating on a class poem.  We will also be taking our unit 4 assessment on Wednesday and there will also be a sight word assessment on Friday.

SOCIAL STUDIES – This week we will begin to understand who the pilgrims were and why they came to America.

RELIGION – We will continue to discover our own uniqueness.  We will verbalize our understanding that God made us the way we are for a reason and that we need to accept ourselves the way we are.

HANDWRITING – This week we will practice the letter Q, S, G, Z, O, and C.


11/11     Veterans Day Assembly 2pm,  CIA Meeting @6pm

11/14     All School Mass

11/25     field trip

11/26     Thanksgiving Feast

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