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Middle School Week of November 4-8 Art, Music & Technology

Art 5th Grade

Felt-tip Watercolor

Students will learn to draw a horizon line, adding depth, dimension, shading, and overlapping; experiment with markers and watercolor and how water reacts to the marker on the paper.

 Art 6th Grade

Surreal Pigs

Students learn to use recycled materials, recognize surrealism, idiom “When pigs fly” difference between real and surreal. 

 Art 7th Grade

Emotional Line and Design

Students will respond to emotions through line, shape, texture and color.  Express feelings and emotions through artwork.  They will construct lines and textures using different amounts of pressure and will choose colors to represent a range of atmospheres and emotions.

 Art 8th Grade

Chagall I and The Village Oil Pastel Drawing in the style of Cubism

Students use mix media; draw from memory, observation, and imagination, progress in ability, recognize art styles, recognize artist introduced in the course (Marc Chagall); pattern, texture, line, color, value, balance, contrast, 2-dimensional, culture, historical period, fantasy, surreal.  Students will create their own I and the Village connecting:  nature, self, village and symbol in one cubist-like piece.   

Music grades 5-8

Students will review Lessons 6-9; Time Signature 4/4, whole, half, quarter rests, note value and measure, bar and double bar lines.

Students will complete review worksheet using lesson 6-9 packet as well as ear training.

Middle School Grades 5-8 Technology

Power Point Publishing Computer Terminology Slide Show

To practice Power Point Publishing skills (entering data, adding graphics, adding text, transitions, computer terminology etc.); keyboarding

Students will complete a Power Point Slide Show of computer terms defined in class. Upon completion of the slide show; students will login in to typing web to practice typing skill.

Next week students will complete a computer terms quiz during Technology Class.


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