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This Week in Fourth Grade!

I hope everyone had a fun weekend filled with Halloween goodies! The spotlight is on Matthias this week! We are excited to learn more about him! Here’s what’s happening this week:


Math: This week we will be working more on elapsed time problems, focusing on flight times. We will complete our chart of distances between cities. We will also start talking about solving and creating word problems using number sentences. To do this, we will have to select which operation is appropriate. We will have a short assessment on Thursday over recent lessons, and then begin talking about lines of symmetry.

Reading: This week we are reading The Great Kapok Tree: A Tale of the Amazon Rain Forest. As we read, we will talk about how one part of the ecosystem affects all the others. We will be focusing this week on the skill Classifying and Categorizing.

Language Arts: In Grammar this week, we will continue talking about compound subjects and introduce compound predicates. We will also learn about the use of comas in series, dates, and addresses, as well as continue working with quotation marks and punctuation. Our spelling words this week are homographs, words which are spelled the same but have different meanings. In writing, we will finish our explanation pieces and share them with our classmates.

Science: This week we will finish the content for Chapter 4: Human Body Systems by learning about the nervous and digestive systems. We will do a few investigations throughout the week and finish with the chapter review. We will be having a Chapter 4 Test on Tuesday, November 12th.

Social Studies: We will continue our study of the Southwest region with a look into oil and water in the Southwest. We will also be learning to interpret latitude and longitude to find locations on a map.

Religion: This week in Religion we will be learning about Mary as our model of prayer, and the difference between the intercession of Mary and the Saints and God’s power. We will also continue reading the story of Abraham, Sarah, and Isaac. Later in the week, we will explore our call to vocations and God’s plan for us.

Important Dates:

11/7          All School Mass

11/11        Veteran’s Day Assembly(2:00pm)

11/11        CIA Meeting hosted by 2nd grade (6-7pm)

11/14        All School Mass

11/15        Student Council Ronald McDonald Field Trip (8-12)

Thank you for all you do!!!

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