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November 4-8 ART, MUSIC & Technology

Art 1st Grade

Torn Paper Owl

Objective:  Students will recognize the following art concepts:  shape, warm colors (yellow, orange, red) and torn paper (collage).  They will practice using glue properly, creating shapes by tearing paper (semi-circle); folding; following oral directions

Music 1st

Tom Turkey with Quarter and Half Notes

Objective:  Students will learn that music contains long and short sounds called half notes and quarter notes; begin learning songs in The Thanksgiving Medley –Albuquerque Turkey

Technology 1-4 Grade

Students will become familiar with Microsoft Power Point using the following:  opening & closing documents, page setup, change slide orientation, adding word art

Procedure:  Students will begin T-rrific activity; I will demonstrate how to complete the project on the master computer, students will then open, create and save their document.

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