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What’s happening in First Grade?


Don’t forget winter uniform on Monday

11/4     picture retakes

11/6     permission slip and field trip money to the Nashville Children’s Theatre are due

11/7     All School Mass

11/11     Veteran’s Day Assembly @ 2pm, CIA meeting 6-7pm

Please continue reading with your child. When your child reads to you he/she is developing his/her vocabulary and building fluency. These extra practice times along with reading in the classroom will help your child become a strong and confident reader.

Reading- Introduce /ks/ spelled _x,  /e/ spelled e and ea, -ed endings /ed/ /d/ /t/

 and  action verbs and helping verbs.

Fluency-reading decodable books Max and Sam, A Red Fox, The Glass, Best Mom, Ted’s List and Fix a Truck

 Reading comprehension – read  stories with the /ks/ spelled x;  /e/ spelled e, _ea_; -ed ending.

 Math- Lesson 41: Addition Facts adding Zero

            Lesson 42: Covering a design in different ways

            Lesson 43: Counting by 10’s to 100

            Lesson 44: Subtraction facts: Subtracting 1

            Quiz- 8 and fact quiz 3.

            Lesson 45: Test-Taking Strategies

Religion-  Discuss the ‘heroes’ of the Catholic Church are the saints.

Ch. 8: Getting Ready for the Savior: Prophets, Moses, The Ten Commandments and John the Baptist:, play Bible baseball, review  and Quiz 8

Social Studies- Discuss country and Veteran’s Day

Science– Continue talking about animals and animal habitats

Spelling- Open Court Unit 2, Lesson 11-15 short e

Spelling words                        Challenge words

1. ten                                            1. next                   

2. men                                         2. spent                  

3. when

4. then

5. get

6. met

7. desk

8. red

9. help

10. end

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