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This week in Pre-K

Reminder- We are now wearing winter uniforms. If you have any questions, refer to the handbook. Please send PE shoes on Tuesday and Wednesday. We have show and tell on Friday.


Language Arts- One group will be wrapping up this unit. We will be investigating he letters E-H as well as working on some sight words.The other group is focusing on the letter C. We will all be watching the Amazing Alphabet movie at the end of the week.

Handwriting- We will be identifying colors/color words and tracing skills. Some will be also be working on forming letters.

Science- We will be talking about weather and its conditions. We will also be talking about what kind of weather we like.

Math- We will be sorting and classifying. We will also be sorting items.

Religion- Pre-K 4 will be learning about Abraham and Sarah and Pre-k 3 will be learning about the way that God made night and day. We will all be reviewing the sign of the cross and Glory Be.

Social Studies- We will be talking about Pilgrims.

This week will be a blast! If you have any questions, feel free to email me.


Reminder- Scholastic order due soon!


TABS- send those tabs in!




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