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This Week in Middle School Math


Fifth: In fifth grade we are beginning our unit on ordering, adding, and subtracting fractions. We are working on really understanding what these things mean before we learn the algorithms. There may be days when students don’t have homework as we are still working on our deeper understanding and are not yet ready to practice these skills.

Sixth: In sixth grade we are working on comparing, adding, and subtracting fractions. We built a strong base with these concepts last year so hopefully this unit will be mostly review.

Seventh: In seventh grade we are working on geometry concepts. We have been exploring shapes, angles, and lines trying to determine geometric rules for ourselves.

Eighth: In algebra we are working on solving inequalities. We will also begin to explore absolute values and graphing absolute value functions. ***Don’t forget to bring in a poster board for Wednesday.

All students received a handout with an extra credit project. If students are choosing to do a project I must have their concept approved by November 8. Absolutely no late work will be accepted!

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