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Rockin’ in Week 11

Hello Third Grade families!  I hope you are all doing well.  I can’t believe we are already in week 11.  Some days it feels like my first year is just flying by!  I want to start off saying that I hope everyone enjoyed their fall decorations the kids brought home from the Fall Party!  Our class was paired up with Kindergarten (since together we make-up the average class size!) and all of the students in our group had a blast rotating stations.  Mrs. Thompson took several pictures and has been nice enough to post them to our page, so watch out for those! While we are on the subject of pictures, I have been having difficulty with my e-mail on my phone, so I have not been able to post the recent classroom photos I have.  I will be loading them on my computer manually and posting them tonight.

Yesterday, Monday, October 28, was a feast day.  Therefore, students should have come to school in their Mass uniform.  Since this was one of the first feast days we celebrated, and the fact that it was on a Monday, I did not issue any uniform notices.  However, this is the only pass I will allow.  On that note, I ask that you please pay attention to the school schedule–especially for Masses.  Also, this week Mass will be held on Friday instead of Thursday because of All Saints Day.  Your student has written this in their binder as a reminder.

Some important “tour” dates to keep in mind:

Thursday  (10/31/13) – Pep Rally 8:00 – 9:00.  NO MASS!! H-A-L-L-O-W-E-E-N!! Everyone be safe and have fun!

Friday (11/1/13) –    Mass – All Saints Day

– Winter Uniform Begins!  I will be reading the excerpt from the handbook to the students about appropriate attire.  Please make sure you use the handbook to reference yourself on the changes.

Thursday (11/7/13) – Collection of soda tabs ends!!!  Please get in your contribution by then.  We would love to reap the rewards of a pizza party!!

Now onto This Week’s Playlist:

Religion: Chapter 6 – The Prophet Moses.  Quiz will be sometime next week.

Reading: Two Days in May – Test Friday (11/1/13)

Spelling : Homophones (these are tricky, so please make sure you are going over spellings and meanings with your student!)

Math: Written Assessment Wednesday – I would like to let you know that I recently looked ahead in the lessons, and beginning multiplication is right around the corner! I believe our students are ready to move on to this skill, but we have to remember o continue to work on the skills we have already touched base on.

Science: Continuing Unit B – Chapter 2 – Living Things Depend on One Another

Social Studies: Chapter 3 – Early Communities in America

Grammar: Focus on Homophones and Replacement Pronouns and Nouns as Subjects and Objects (direct objects)

Thanks for stopping by!  See you again soon!




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