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What’s happening in First Grade?

A big THANK YOU to Mrs. Girten, Mrs. Holder and Mrs. Shelby for helping with the Fall party, everyone had a wonderful time.

Don’t forget about our field trip scheduled for Nov.25 to Nashville Children’s Theartre.  All permission slips and money are due by Wednesday Nov.6.


Thursday 10/31 Halloween

Friday 11/01     All school mass and winter uniform begins (a copy of the winter uniform is in the Wednesday folder)

Please continue reading with your child. When your child reads to you he/she is developing his/her vocabulary and building fluency. These extra practice times along with reading in the classroom will help your child become a strong and confident reader.

 Reading- Introduce the sound and spelling of /g/ spelled g, /j/ spelled _dge, /u/ spelled u, /z/ spelled z, zz, _s and  introduce possessive nouns.

 Fluency-reading decodable books Rag Bits, Jack’s Job, Plum Pond, Buzz and Zip, Hills of Fuzz and Rock and Jazz.

 Math- Lesson 38: Sorting items and creating a graph   

            Lesson 39 Weighing objects using non-standard units   

            Lesson 40:1 Using logical reasoning to solve a problem

            Quiz 7

            Lesson 40:2 finding a sum by counting on Making and reading a bar graph

            Lesson 41: Addition Facts adding Zero

Religion- Chapter 7: Noah and the Flood and Abraham and Isaac – God calls each of us to faith and obedience and will reward us for it, review and Quiz 7

Writing- Identify and use exclamations, use correct end punctuation in sentences and identify complete and incomplete sentences

Handwriting- Workbook page 26 and 27. Revise autobiographies adding detail and a back cover.

Social Studies- The students will analyze what a community is and recognize that we all live in a community.

Reading comprehension- Read a story with the words in the –ug, –un, and –us family and answer question about the stories.

Science– The students will learn about animals and animal habitats

Spelling- Open Court Unit 2, Lesson 6-10 _u words

  1. bug
  2. rug
  3. tug
  4. mud
  5. but
  6. us
  7. bus
  8. fun
  9. run
  10. sun

Challenge words- Sunday, funny

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