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Look What’s Happening In Kindergarten

Thank you to Mrs. Bilbrey, Holden’s mom, for coming in and helping with our Fall Party.  The kiddos really had a great time and took part in some wonderful activities.

Don’t forget about our field trip scheduled for Nov.25 to Nashville Children’s Theartre.  All permission slips and money are due by Wednesday Nov.6.

Please keep working sight words and reading with your child every night.  Working with the sight words consistently allows for a better understanding of the words and eliminates the stress of trying to cram the words in for an assessment.  Practicing 5 words a week is much easier than than trying to memorize 30 words the night before the assessmentPatience and practice are the keys to success. 

MATH – This week we will be paying for items up to 10 cents using pennies, copying and identifying AB and ABB patterns, comparing object by weight, naming a shape using 2 attributes, and taking oral assessment 6; counting pennies.

RELIGION – This week we will discover who saints are, and what it means to be a saint.  We will focus on 6 saints, St. John Bosco, St. Bernadette, St. Anne, St. Therese, St. Francis of Assisi, and St. Nicholas.

HANDWRITING – This week the students will practice the numbers 1-9 and the letter Nn.

SCIENCE – This week the students will explain why proper handwashing is important, demonstrate proper handwashing techniques, understand and describe how germs are spread.

READING/LANGUAGE ARTS – This week the students will segment syllables in names by clapping, blend final phonemes, attach the /n/ sound to the letter Nn and the short /i/ sound to the letter Ii, review sound-by-sound blending, read and respond to a decodable, segment compound words into 2 words, practice choral reading to increase fluency, and decode 5 new sight words,  We will also locate the title, author and illustrator of a selection, develop an understanding for new vocabulary and use the comprehension strategies asking questions and predicting.  We will also focus on writing a complete sentence.


10/28     Tee Off fo Technology Golf Tournament

10/30     Wildcat Wednesday

10/31     Fun Run Reward Day – wear your Fun Run shirt, jeans, and PE shoes  NO MASS

11/1       All School Mass – All Saints Day; WINTER UNIFORM BEGINS (please refer to the handbook)

11/6     field trip permission slips and money due    


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