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What’s happening in First Grade?

Thank you all for taking the time to meet with me and making the conferences a success! When we work together your child can achieve anything!

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.
Henry Ford


Red Ribbon Week – October 21-25     “A Healthy Me is Drug Free”

Monday 10/21    Be On A Drug Free Team”– The students may wear their favorite team shirt/jersey with jeans, white socks and white tennis shoes.

Tuesday 10/22     “Put A Cap On Drugs”– All students may wear their favorite cap/hat along with their regular school uniform. (Middle school may wear then after Mass).

Wednesday 10/23     “Sock It To Drugs” – All students may wear crazy socks with their regular school uniform.

Thursday 10/24    Door decorating/locker decorating contest (at the end of the day).

Friday 10/25     “Wear Red Day” – The students may wear jeans, a red shirt, and white socks and white tennis shoes. 

10/25     Fall Party

Please continue reading with your child. When your child reads to you he/she is developing his/her vocabulary and building fluency. These extra practice times along with reading in the classroom will help your child become a strong and confident reader.

Reading- Introduce the sound and spelling of /k/ spelled c, k and ck; /r/ spelled r; and /f/ spelled f and ff, introduce adjectives.

 Vocabulary words-flickers, another, darkness, creep and wait.

Fluency-reading decodable books Nat’s Cap, Picnic, Bobcat, Fran and Kip, At the Mall, Rick and Rob and Pat’s Class Trip

 Math-Lesson 35: 1-Identify morning, afternoon, evening and night

            Lesson 35:2 -Estimating and measuring length using nonstandard units

            Quiz 6

            Lesson 36 and 37: addition facts: adding 1

            Lesson 38: Sorting items and creating a graph

Religion- Chapter 6 Lesson one: The sin, Lesson two: Gifts are lost, Lesson three: Grace is lost, Lesson four: The Promise of a Savior, review and Quiz 6

Writing- Identify and use exclamations, use correct end punctuation in sentences and identify complete and incomplete sentences

Handwriting- Workbook page 24 and 25. Revise autobiographies adding detail and a back cover.

Social Studies- The students will analyze what a community is and recognize that we all live in a community.

Reading comprehension- Read a story with the words in the –ock, –ick, and –ack family and answer question about the stories.

Science– The students willlearn ways that some animals are alike.

Spelling-Open Court Unit 2, Lesson 1-5 _ck words

  1. Back
  2. Pack
  3. Kick
  4. Sick
  5. Pick
  6. Sock
  7. Lock
  8. Rock
  9. Block
  10. clock


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