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Look What’s Happening In Kindergarten

I enjoyed meeting with you all at conferences on Friday.  Thank you for taking time out of your day to meet with me.  I know, together, we can help your child grow and develop and achieve at their highest potential.  Don’t forget it’s  Red Ribbon Week and there are quite a few special things happening.  On Monday, students can wear their favorite team jersey/shirt with jeans and white PE shoes

We are in need of drivers for our field trip on November 25th.  Without drivers we will not be ite able to go.

We are also in need of parent volunteers to assist with our Fall Party this Friday, 10/25, from 1:30-3:00.  Please let me know if you are able to help.  Thank You!!!

Here’s what’s  happening this week in the classroom.

MATH – This week we are acting out story problems using pennies, identifying time to the hour, showing time to the hour on a digital and analogue clock, writing money amounts to 10 cents, and ordering money amounts to 10 cents.

HANDWRITING – This week we will continue practicing our first names, and begin working on our last names.  We will practice the letter “Ll” and number 8.

RELIGION – This week we will read the Bible story “Trust In God’s Care”.  We will learn that we can learn to trust in God through other people.

LIBRARY – This week we will review the difference between fiction and non-fiction writing.

HEALTH – We will discuss what Red Ribbon Week is and why it is important.  Our theme is “A Healthy Me is Drug Free”. we will discuss that it is our responsibility to keep our bodies healthy because they are a gift from God.

READING – This week we will review previous sight words, decode 5 new sight words, use sight words in sentences, sequence story pages, blend initial phonemes to make new words, revie wthe /h/ and /t/ sounds, review sound-by-sound blending, read a decodable, detect rhyming words, attach the /l/ sound to the letter L and take our second sight word assessment on Friday 10/25.  We will also review the Table of Contents, title page and book cover.  We will begin a new unit.  Our new theme is the ocean.  We will generate questions and statements about the unit theme.

PUMPKIN DAY!  We will be investigating and experimenting with pumpkins on Friday.  If anyone would be willing to donate a pumpkin or 2 to our classroom it would be most appreciated!

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