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Social Studies

booksI hope everyone had a fun and relaxing break! We have a short week again but it will be packed with lots of new topics!

5th grade: We will continue our unit on government.  This week we will learn about the three divisions of government, The Articles of Confederation, and the freedoms that challenge the basis of our country; The Constitution.

6th grade: We will continue our studies on the Indus River Valley.  Students will be having a test at the beginning of next week.

7th grade: Students are working in groups to learn about specific countries with in Asia.  We will have presentations at the end of the week and our culture day will be next week!  I have some great things planned for this day!

8th grade: We will begin our unit on Government.  We will start with the Articles of Confederation and work our way to the constitution and how our government works!

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