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This Week in 2nd Grade


$2 for our fall party is due by Wednesday Oct 2nd.

Fun Run money is due by Thursday Oct 3rd.

There is no school on Friday Oct 4th – Friday Oct 11. Have a fun and safe Fall Break!!!


Reading: This week we are reviewing Unit 1. A Benchmark Assessment will be given on Thursday. This assessment is not for a grade.

Language Arts: We will be reviewing nouns, verbs, subjects, and predicates.

Spelling: There will be a Unit 1 Spelling Review test on Thursday. Students will be asked to choose the correctly spelled word when given a choice of three words. There will be 25 questions on the test.

Math: We are practicing addition facts with the sums of 8 and 9. We are also learning about fractions and horizontal, vertical, and oblique lines.

Religion: We will begin discussing the Ten Commandments.

Social Studies: We are finishing up our unit on communities. Students are to interview a parent, grandparent, or another adult about what life was like when they grew up. Interviews are due on Wednesday. We will also be talking about how to be a good citizen. Test over communities, maps, compass rose, and cardinal directions will be on Thursday.

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