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7th Grade ART Class

sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_2013 446 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_2013 532 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_2013 531 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_2013 530 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_2013 529 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_2013 528 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_2013 527 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_2013 526 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_2013 525 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_2013 524 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_2013 523 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_2013 522 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_2013 521 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_2013 519 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_2013 518 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_2013 517 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_2013 520 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_2013 516sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_2013 445 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_2013 444 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_2013 447

Students continue working as impressionist painters.  They continue to add layers of color and texture to their paintings.  I can’t wait to see these mastepieces!

Students have also begun an art journal during art class.  They randomly choose a drawing idea out of the “Drawing Drawer.”  They reflect and create a drawing based on their starter.  Students have tons of fun working on journals.

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