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What’s happening in First Grade?


10/2     Fall Party money due ($2 cash please)

10/3     individual and class pictures/ Fun Run pledge money due

10/4     No School/ Teacher Professional Development

10/7-10/11     Fall Break!!!

10/14     Classes resume

10/18     No School/Conferences

Please don’t forget to read with your child over Fall Break . When your child reads to you he/she is developing his/her vocabulary and building fluency. This extra practice along with reading in the classroom will help your child become a strong and confident reader.

 Reading- blend, spell and read words that contain /p/, blend, spell and read words that contain /l/, say words that contain initial and final /l and activate prior knowledge about school, set and check purpose for reading, listen to and discuss “School Then and Now” build fluency by reading decodable book14 and book 15.

Math- Addition facts: Doubles to 18, Identifying lighter and heavier using a balance and problem solving. Quiz on Thursday

Religion- Chapter 5 Lesson one: creation of Adam and Eve and Lesson two: Taking Care of God’s Gifts

Writing- identify correct capitalization and punctuation for statements and learn about word order in sentences.

Handwriting- Workbook page 20 and 21

Social Studies- inventions of long ago and today.

Reading comprehension- determine whether a story or specific information within it is fantastic or realistic.

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