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Rockin’ in Week 7!

Hello SJV families! So sorry for posting so late–in our already shortened week. (please forgive me) There isn’t much new going on in our room, so let me cut straight to it…

This Week’s Playlist:

Religion: Students will be taking their Chapter 4 Quiz tomorrow, after we return from Mass. Furthermore, since we have reached the end of the first unit, the students will be taking a unit test Tuesday (10/1/13) of next week. I DO NOT want to make it on Monday because I want to students to have time to study and go over the information on the exam.

Reading: Our weekly story is titled Teammates. It is a story about Jack Robinson and the struggle he went through to become a Major League baseball player.  The students seem to really enjoy it!  As usual, the students will be taking their written exam on Friday (9/27/13). I want to point out that for the last three stories, I have been giving the students the THREE biggest short answer/extended response questions before hand. This is with hopes that they go home and reread the story to formulate sentences for these answers. Please encourage your students to write down their answers so that they have a feel what it will be like on the test.

Math: Weekly skills review on Thursday.

Spelling:  Weekly Test on Thursday

Science: Beginning chapter 3 – Ecosystems

No Social Studies this week due to the fact that we just ended a chapter and have only a short time to begin a new one.  We will resume with this subject next week.

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