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What’s happening in First Grade?


 Friday, September 27 is the Fun Run. The students do not have to wear their uniforms on Friday; they may wear any athletic shorts and their tie dye t-shirts, along with their white PE shoes. 

9/23     No school

9/26     All School Mass

9/27     Fun Run

9/28     Murder Mystery Dinner Show

10/5     Fall Pictures

10/4     No School

10/7-10/11     FALL BREAK

Reading- identify and match initial consonant sounds, identify, segment and drop final consonant sounds in words, blends, spell and read words that contain /d/and spelled d, /n/, spelled n and /i/, spelled i, /h/, spelled h and ask who, what, when, where, why and how questions and generate questions for an interview.

 Math identifying the Attributes of Pattern Blocks, create a pattern using colors, follow patterns, finish patterns and learn doubles to 18

Religion- Chapter 4 God’s special gifts: Our bodies, Our Souls and Our path to Heaven. Review and quiz on Thursday.

Writing- using pictures to create an autobiography and control the size of letters and introduced to nouns.

Handwriting- Workbook page 18 and 19

Science- observes and describes major stages in the life cycle of a bean.

Social Studies- recognize how household tools and appliances have changed the way families live and identify ways technology has changed communication.

Reading comprehension- practice Compare and Contrast by looking at the similarities and differences between two people or things and determine whether a story or specific information within it is fantastic or realistic.

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