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Rockin’ in Week 6

First, I would like to take the time to thank all of those who attended the SJV CIA meeting Monday night.  The children did a great job, and I am very proud of them! Our class has really been working hard lately, and I couldn’t be more pleased.  I have been “stepping up their game” lately, and many of them are rising to the challenge. We have several more weeks until report cards are issued, and we will continue to work hard.  Now onto this week’s playlist:

Spelling: Test on Friday (9-20-13) (synonyms) Week 6 Spelling List

Religion: Working on Chapter 4. Review next Tuesday (9-24-13) Quiz 4 (9-25-13) Also, following this quiz the students will take a Unit One Test. This will be held next Friday (9-27-13) We will review for this unit test Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Reading: The Beauty and the Beast Test on Friday (9-20-13)

Math: Test on Friday (9-20-13) *If you haven’t noticed yet, these “tests” are fairly simple.  Most of the students finish within 20 minutes of me handing them out. They simply just review the skills worked on during the week, and those previous to it.

Social Studies: Chapter 2. Test on Friday (9-20-13) Today we will be re-reading the chapter. We will also be completing the Review and Asses portions on pgs. 37, 45, 57. Students will also complete the Vocabulary Review in the workbooks on pg. 15. We will be playing a review game tomorrow as well.

Something else I would like to mention — Lately, I have been VERY forgiving about missing homework assignments.  I will take some fault on this because I have not been checking every student’s assignment, but from here on out I WILL BE. Therefore, you will be seeing my signature on the pages. If a student does not complete his/her homework, I will begin to issue homework notices.

Tour Dates to Keep in Mind!!!

September 23 – NO SCHOOL (for students) 🙁

September 27 – CIA Fun Run (12:45 – 3:00)

September 28 – Murder Mystery Dinner!

October 2nd – Wheels in Motion (3:00)

October 3rd – Fall Pictures

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