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Social Studies

Social Studies Update


5th Grade: We have completed our unit on Geography! The students have been informed that we will be having a test on Friday.  Next week we will go back to U.S. History!

6th Grade: Thursday we will begin our presentations on Ancient Egypt!  We will be presenting and doing fun activities to culminate all we have learned in this unit.  We will be having a test NEXT Friday, and I am looking forward to seeing the student’s projects!

7th Grade: We are planning our first “cultural day”.  The students are working in groups to teach each other what life is like in the Northern Africa and Southwest Asia.  They will be working on these projects in class and we will end this unit with a day where we celebrate the cultures of the Middle East.

8th Grade: I am looking forward to hearing the students teach The Revolutionary War.  They have been working hard on these presentation!  We will begin these presentations tomorrow.  We will be having a test towards the end of next week.

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