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What’s happening in First Grade?


 Rescheduled -Friday, September 20, the class will be decorating their tie dye t-shirts for the Fun Run. If you would like to help please let me know.

 9/16     SJV CIA meeting  6-7 pm

9/23     No School/Diocesan Professional Development

9/27     FUN RUN

9/28     Murder Mystery Dinner

10/3     Fall Pictures

10/4     No School/Teacher Professional Development

10/7-10/11     Fall Break!

Reading- identify and replace initial consonant sounds, identify and segment final consonant sounds in words, identify the h_ spelling for /h/, blends, spell and read with initial /h/and spell and read words that contain /d/and spelled d, /n/, spelled n and /i/, spelled i, /h/, spelled h and learn the sounds-in-sequence procedure to spell words, discuss and retell story events, review vocabulary, apply the  comprehension skill Reality and Fantasy and identify left-to-right and top-to-bottom print dictionality, identify and match initial consonant sounds, identify, segment and drop final consonant sounds in words, blends, and ask who, what, when, where, why and how questions and generate questions for an interview.

 Math- Writing addition number sentences, Representing equivalent forms of the same number, Identifying the ordinal position to sixth, Addition facts: Doubles with sums to 10, Identifying a rectangle Identify the number of sides and angles in a rectangle and Writing number sentences for some, some more stories Creating Addition Problem Situations Identifying the Attributes of Pattern Blocks. Quiz on Friday

Religion- Chapter 4 God’s special gifts: Our bodies, Our Souls and Our path to Heaven

Writing- using pictures to create an autobiography and control the size of letters and introduced to nouns.

Handwriting- Workbook page 16 and 17

Science-observe the life cycle of a lima bean

Social Studies- Compare and contrast means of transportation long ago and today.

Reading comprehension- practice Compare and Contrast by looking at the similarities and differences between two people or things.


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