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This Week in Middle School Math

Fifth: This week we will be finishing up our unit on division. We will divide by two digit numbers and divide money. We will have a test over division on Friday.

Sixth: This week we will finish our chapter on decimals. We will discuss the metric system, solving equations with decimals, and interpreting the meaning of quotients. We will have a test next Tuesday. This was a big chapter and this will be a big test.

Seventh: We are starting off this week with our chapter 2 test. Before we start chapter 3 we will do a quick review of fractions. Chapter 3 covers rational numbers and it is important to have a strong base with fractions. We will review operations with fractions all week and have a test on Friday.

Eighth: In algebra we will work with statistics this week. We will work with graphs, statistics, and proportional reasoning. On Thursday the students will have a graded project to complete in class.

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