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I wanted to send a memo of some things happening in Pre-K!


  • Healthy snacksNext week we will be talking about a healthy me. We will be talking about healthy snacks, healthy habits, and healthy lifestyles. I am asking for your help. Please send your kid with a healthy snack. I am trying to lead by example.

(remember-  snacks CAN NOT contain peanuts or peanut butter.)


  • Peanut ButterI am sorry this keeps coming up, but I want to keep your child safe. I would like to ask that you send no peanut butter in your chlid’s lunch. The peanut allergies are very serious and a reaction can start from peanuts simply being in the same room. Thank you for your help with this. I know that it is hard, but I want all of my students to be happy and healthy.


  • Lunch time and ice cream The students are not eating there food and then they want ice cream. I would like from them to eat some of there lunch before they can eat ice cream. A lot of them wait until the last five minutes to eat lunch. The class can not wait while one or two people eat their ice cream. They have twenty minutes to eat before ice cream is passed out.


  • Treasure Box I am changing my treasure box procedure next week. We will only be getting in the treasure box on Fridays. They must have three checks on the incentive chart at the end of the week to get in the treasure box. I have been restocking the box with things Mrs. Krampotich and I have bought. I am transitioning them into what to expect in kindergarten in order to keep consistency.


Talk to you soon  and thank you for your support,

Mrs. Hitchcock


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