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Language Arts – September 16-20

Grammar – 6th grade students will take a test on Monday covering types of sentences, complete and simple subjects and predicates, and parts of a sentence.  7th and 8th grade students will understand compound subjects and predicates and how to make these agree with the verb.  They will also distinguish simple sentences from run-on sentences and compound sentences, and they will learn how to correctly punctuate to resolve run-ons.

Independent Reading –    Students will turn in the End of Book form, either Option 1 or 2 for their final report and the Introductory Book form for their 2nd reading choice on Friday, September 20th.  They should begin reading their second book choice

Group Reading – novel – All grades will continue to work on Understanding Characters – Literature Project I.  Students are using textual evidence to draw the character and will then provide proof of that evidence using page numbers and direct quotes from the book.  Students will also begin forming their own opinions about character traits, and will begin backing their opinions with textual evidence as well as classifying the type of characterization being used.  All classes will continue reading their chosen book  as a class and will complete reading comprehension questions, vocabulary, and other activities associated with the book, (6th grade – War Horse, 7th grade – After Ever After, and 8th grade – The Outsiders).

Group Reading – Scholastic – Students will learn the steps to writing an argument essay and will compose one on their own.  They will look at transition words, practice making sentences parallel, correct ambiguous pronouns, and will edit for grammatical and mechanical errors.

Writing – Students will continue improving their personal narratives – focusing this week on sentence fluency and editing for grammatical and mechanical errors.  Students will TYPE their final draft to be published.

Journals – Students will continue to write daily using prompts they are given in class.  I will share these (with student permission) every so often.

Vocabulary – Students are continuing on Unit 3 in Vocabulary.  They use the new words to write definitions, complete sentences, recognize synonyms and antonyms, to choose the correct word, and to distinguish meaning in context.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Mrs. Roberts


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