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What’s Happening In Kindergarten!

Everyone did a great job on their homework last week.  I was impressed with the good handwriting! Keep it up!! Please remember to practice sight words daily.  We will be reviewing them in the classroom as well.  5 new words will be sent home on Monday in the homework folder.  Please keep these at home to practice.  After every 15 words there will be a sight word assessment.  Keeping on top of them is the key!  Here’s what going on in the classroom this week.

MATHThis week we will sort by color, create a real graph, act out story problems, identify/review circles and triangles, and take oral assessment 2 – counting to 100.

SOCIAL STUDIES – This week we will compare the city to the country, create murals, identify the globe as a model of the Earth, distinguish between land and water on the globe, identify North and South Pole on the globe, and describe the physical characteristics of the Earth.

HANDWRITING – This week we will practice the letter M and continue to practice writing names with only one capital letter.

RELIGION – This week we will read the parable of  The Lost Son.  We will discuss how God loves us no matter what, even when we make bad choices.

READING/LANGUAGE ARTS – We will finish up our unit on Curious George.  We will also classify and categorize, listen for first,  middle,  and last sounds, practice rhyming words, review previous sight words, decode 5 new sight words, read and respond to a pre-decodable, and play ABC bingo.  We will also use the comprehension strategies asking questions, making connections, and clarifying.  Our selection this week is Chrysanthemum.


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