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This Week in 2nd Grade


Wednesday Folders: Please sign and return your child’s tests in the Sign and Return pocket of the Wednesday folder.

Interim Report Cards will go home in this week’s Wednesday folder. Please sign and return them by next Wednesday.

elves and the shoemaker

Reading: This week we are reading “The Elves and the Shoemaker,” a fairy tale originally told by the Brothers Grim. We are also discussing fairy tales. Our vocabulary words for this selection are: shoemaker, leather, flash, elves, and finest. Test is on Friday.

Spelling: This week’s words are: label, vine, bonus, wild, gate, huge, zero, made, spoke, use, basic, program, usual, finest, and caper. Weekly Spelling Homework is due on Friday. Please attach all extra papers to the packet with a staple or paper clip.

Language Arts: We are writing our own fairy tales. We are also learning about helping and linking verbs and working on writing complete sentences. Helping and linking verbs will be on the grammar section of this week’s reading test.

Guardian_AngelReligion: We talked about our Guardian angels today. A test will be given tomorrow over the Blessed Trinity, God the Creator, and how God made us. The test will include fill in the blank and true/false questions. We will play a game to review the material before the test.

Math: This week we are learning about geometric shapes, story problems, and fractions. We are also practicing our adding 9 facts. Fact test will be on Thursday.

Social Studies: We are switching over to social studies from science for the next couple of weeks. We will be reviewing geography skills and learning about communities.

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