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Rockin’ in Week 5

I would like to start off by saying that you will notice our schedule has changed a bit.  With the holiday last week, I had to make some adjustments in lesson planning and test scheduling.  Hopefully one day we can get back on track! 🙂 Therefore, you will notice the students will be having tests/quizzes all throughout the week.

This Week’s Playlist:

Religion: Finish Chapter 3. Quiz on Friday.

Reading: Review for the test on Tuesday.  Test on Wednesday. Reading comprehension test on Friday.  (students have already taken one of these as part of their Chapter 1 Social Studies test.  We will also do a mock one on Thursday so students get familiar with the type of set-up they will see on the ITBS test in March/April)

Grammar: Students will be working on various skills this week.  Monday- Pronouns, Tuesday – Sentence Structure, Wednesday – Prefixes, Thursday – Run-on Sentences, and Friday – Writing Thank-you Notes

Spelling – Test on Friday. Week 5 Spelling List

Math – Test on Friday.

Science – Continuing on with Chapter 2. This chapter is fairly lengthy with lots of information in it.  I am planning for a test NEXT Tuesday or Wednesday.

Social Studies – Continuing on with Chapter 2.  Again, due to the holiday this test will fall on NEXT week’s schedule as well.  I will make sure to have it opposite of the Science test.

Upcoming Featured Tour Dates:

September 11 – Interim Reports Home in Wednesday Folders

September 12 – All school mass

September 16 – Third Grade hosts the CIA Meeting (6:00-8:00) *Again it is not mandatory or students to attend, but it is encouraged so we can show off some of our hard work!* Students present something we’ve been working on in class for the first 5-10 minutes. Afterwards I will be taking all students present to another room while the meeting takes place.

September 19 – School Board Meeting 7:00.

September 23 – NO SCHOOL!!!! (for kids) 🙁

September 25 – Wildcat Wednesday (football, cross-country, volleyball)

September 27 – CIA Fun Run 12:45 – 3:00

September 28 – Technology Murder Mystery Dinner

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