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Language Arts – September 9-13

language arts

Grammar – 6th grade students will work on recognizing sentences and sentence fragments.  They will have a test on Monday, September 16th over types of sentences, simple and complete subjects and predicates, and sentences and sentence fragments.  7th and 8th grade students will begin looking at compound subjects and predicates.

Independent Reading – Students should be finishing up their first book.  Reading goal #4 will be due Friday, September 13th.  Students will also complete  the End of Book form, completing either Option 1 or 2 for their final, and the Introductory Book form for their 2nd reading choice.

Group Reading – novel – 6th grade will continue working on finding physical descriptions for their characters. 7th and 8th grade should have their posters in class ready to work on drawing their character.  Students will use textual evidence to draw the character and will then provide proof of that evidence using page numbers and direct quotes from the book.  All classes will continue reading their chosen book (6th grade – War Horse, 7th grade – After Ever After, and 8th grade – The Outsiders) and begin searching for character traits (using textual evidence for support).

Group Reading – Scholastic – Students will act out a play.  Students will also review literary elements and devices and use the legend, The Sword and the Stone,  to recognize these elements.

Writing – Students will continue improving their personal narratives – focusing this week on including transitions, writing strong endings and replacing verbs with new and stronger, more specific verbs.  Students will review their current draft and rewrite it.

Journals – Students will continue to write daily using prompts they are given in class.  I will share these (with student permission) every so often.

Vocabulary – Students have completed 2 units of Vocabulary and will begin Unit 3 with a diagnostic test.  Students work on different aspects of vocabulary on a daily basis and will be given regular tests as they complete each unit.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Mrs. Roberts


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