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Pre-K week 5

What’s Happening In Pre-K

Here’s what’s going on in the classroom this week.

Reminders- This week we will be learning about apples. I would like for each student to bring in a different apple. We will be studying apples and at the end of the week we will make applesauce!

Coke Tabs- We are collecting coke tabs for the Student Council. We need to bring them end throughout the month. We would love to win!

MATH – This week we will sort by color, shape, and size. We will also sort our apples!

SOCIAL STUDIES – This week we will be learning about rules and the importance of following them.

READING/LANGUAGE ARTS/HANDWRITING– This week we will be talking about following multi-step directions, tracing, and talking about ourselves and what we like.

RELIGION – This week our 3 year olds will be learning about Mary and Martha and the four year olds are learning about Jesus calling us to be fishers of men.

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