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This Week in Fourth Grade!

Welcome back! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! It has been a great week so far; it will be over before we know it! Thank you to all those who came to Back to School Night; it was great to talk with you! The spotlight is on Ava this week; we are enjoying getting to know her! Here’s what’s going on this week:


Math: This week we will continue to work on mental math, and we will begin working with circles! We will talk about fractions of circles, radius, diameter, and the concept of concentric circles. We will have a math assessment on Friday over this week’s material.

Reading: This week we will be reading an excerpt from Mrs. Frisby and the Crow. We will continue to talk about risks and consequences, as well as cause-and-effect relationships. In addition, we will continue our discussion about suffixes. We will have a selection test on Friday.

Language Arts/Writing: This week we will begin a biography piece. The students will each choose a subject to write about and choose a book (or bring one from home) about that subject. In grammar, we will discuss more about action and linking verbs, verb phrases, and plural nouns. The spelling words for this week are attached here. Some of them are tricky; be sure to study!

Science: We have started studying chapter 2: Animal Growth and Adaptations. We will be discussing the basic needs of animals as well as body changes such as molting and metamorphosis. We will also begin talking about instincts and learned behaviors!

Social Studies: This week in Social Studies we will be talking about the cultures of other countries, as we continue our discussion on the Great American Melting Pot. We will also discuss the Constitution, and the three branches of government.

Religion: This week in Religion we will complete Chapter 2: The World’s First Murder. We will review for the test on Monday, and take the test on Tuesday!

Remember that Friday is the deadline to receive an out of uniform ticket from Mrs. McCormick for ordering tickets for the Murder Mystery Dinner Show!

Also, remember that due to Diocesan changes, we no longer have half days on the first Fridays of each month. Friday will be a normal day at SJV!

Other Upcoming Dates:

9/5      All School Mass

9/11    Interim Reports Go Home

9/28    Murder Mystery Dinner, 6:30pm

10/28  Tee Off for Technology Golf Tournament

Thank you for all you do!!


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