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What’s happening in First Grade?

Weekly reminders:

9/4 quiz on home address and Religion quiz Chapter 2

Please review with your child their home address and phone number

9/5 All School Mass

Please bring white tennis shoes for P.E. (Wednesday and Friday)
Please check homework folder

Language Arts– End of the unit lesson 1-5 assessment,  identify and replace initial consonant sounds, identify and segment final consonant sounds in words and  blend, spell and read words that  contain /d/ spelled d./t/, blend, spell and read words, activate prior knowledge about the first day of school, set and check purposes for reading, identify elements of the realistic fiction genre and apply the comprehension strategies Asking Questions and Clarifying and ask questions to generate ideas for an autobiography, learn about using pictures as a writing strategy, form letters I and n correctly and control the size of letters.
Reading comprehension– determine “who” (the main character) and “what” (the main character’s actions).

Math– Lesson 14: Making a Shape on a Geoboard Identifying Inside and Outside, Lesson 15-1: Acting out and Drawing Pictures for Some, Some More and Some, Some Went Away Stories

Sorting by One Attribute, Lesson 15-2 Sorting by One Attribute and Lesson 16: Counting Pennies

 Handwriting– workbook

Religion– Review Chapter 2 and Quiz, Chapter3 God watches over everything

Lesson one: Qualities of God and Lesson two: God is our Creator of All Things

 Science– Identify a variety of plants and animals in the schoolyard environment. Differentiate between plants and animals. Compare a variety of animals that live on the earth.

Social Studies– recognize that rules tell us what we should do.

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