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This Week in Middle School Math

September 2 – September 6. This is a short week but we still have A LOT planned!!

5’th:  This week we are working on multiplication. The students must be able to complete 100 multiplication problems in under 5 minutes with zero mistakes. We will solve long multiplication problems and solve word problems that use multiplication. The chapter 2 test is planned for next Monday.

6’th: This week we are finishing up chapter 2. We will be solving and graphing one step inequalities. We will have our second chapter test on Wednesday. We will begin our chapter on decimals on Friday.

7’th: This week we are finishing up operations with integers. Our much anticipated “shaving cream” math day will take place on Tuesday. We will get to practice operations with integers using shaving cream. We will have a quiz over integers on Wednesday. On Thursday and Friday we will discuss solving equations containing integers.

8’Th: This week in algebra will be all about our chapter 2 test. We will review on Wednesday and have the test on Friday.


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