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Language Arts – September 2 – 6

language arts


Grammar –  Students in grades 7 and 8 will be taking a test over kinds of sentences, parts of a sentence, and sentence fragments.  7th graders will test on Thursday, September 5th and 8th graders will test on Wednesday, September 4th.  Students in 6th grade will resume grammar lessons on Monday, September 9th. 


Independent Reading – Reading goal #3 is due this Friday.  Students must choose one of the goals, but they are welcome to do all three – for extra credit points

Group Reading – Novel – Students should have their foam poster board this week.  We will begin looking at physical descriptions of characters and finding textual evidence.  Students will complete these projects in class. 

Group Reading – Scholastic – Students will focus on comparing and contrasting characters and their actions in two articles.  Students will also get their chance to act out a legend.  We will review Literary Elements and Devices and provide examples from the articles we read.  Students will also complete reading comprehension quizzes and have classroom discussions.

Writing – Students are working on their personal narratives.  They have been focusing on recognizing the traits of personal narrative writing.  We will do peer reviews to make sure these elements are making it into the first draft of the narrative.  We will focus on different ways to write strong leads – having students model one of the leads in his/her own paper.  We will also begin developing strong characters and realistic settings through descriptive words.

Journals – Students continue to write daily in their journals.  I will share these from time to time (with student permission)

Vocabulary – We are half-way through Unit 2 in Vocabulary.  Students will continue spending a few minutes each day reading over words, choosing correct words, completing sentences, identifying synonyms and antonyms, and defining through context clues. 

As always, if you have questions or concerns, please contact me.

Enjoy your long weekend!

Mrs. Roberts

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