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Out of the mouth of babes…

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   I am often surprised by the students at SJV.  I am well aware that I am working with very responsible and intelligent children, but at times, something happens that absolutely makes me wonder how they can be so young yet so wise.  When I assigned a journal write last week- having the students give advice (acrostically)- I had no idea that when reading their entries, I would be so impressed with their innocent understanding of life and the world around them.  I asked permission to share some of their words of knowledge.  I will post a few each week.  I hope you are left shaking your head and smiling like I was.

“Alphabetical Advice” – by Emma Cassman

A – Amaze the people around you

B – Be the kind of person you’d want to meet

C – Cherish the people you love

D – Do something you’re afraid of doing

E – Embrace your inner quirkiness

F – Forget your worries

G – Give second chances

H – Have faith in yourself

I – Imagine the world the way YOU want it

J – Jump a fence every once in a while…

K – Keep your promises

L – Let go of the past

M – Make the little things count

N – Never judge a book by its cover

O – Overlook the flaws

P – Push yourself as far as you can go

Q – Quietly change the world

R – Remember the good things in life

S – See the best in people

T – Tell the truth

U – Understand the understandable and leave the rest alone

V – Voice your opinions

W – Work to get what you want

X – eXamine

Y – Your

Z – Zipper


“Alphabetical Advice” – by Megan McCormick

A – Always appreciate what you have

B – Be yourself

C – Change things for the better

D – Dreams are always in reach

E – Embrace your flaws and differences

F – Forgive and forget

G – Give it your all

H – Help someone every chance you get

I – In tough times, remember someone loves you

J – Just go with the flow

K – Kindness matters

L – Let God take the reigns

M – Make choices you won’t ever regret

N – Never say never

O – Open your heart to others

P – Put God first

Q – Quit things that hurt you

R – Remember to never give up

S – Say what you need to say

T – Tell people you love them while you have the chance

U – Under the outside, everyone is the same

V – Victory is more than you think

W – Welcome everyone, because one day, you’ll need the same

X – eXpect what you don’t think you deserve

Y – Your only limits are the ones you set for yourself

Z – Zap all of your worries away, and live in the moment

Keep watching for more words of wisdom….

Mrs. Roberts

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